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Hey there! Zaina here!

Currently based in Macon,Georgia, however, I was born and raised in Michigan, went to college in Michigan, and will forever call it home. My interests often lie outside of Michigan, as I love to travel whenever I am able to. My travel experiences have given me the passion and love of meeting and learning from new people. My husband even calls me the ”stranger whisperer”. Meeting people from all walks of life and backgrounds is part of why I admire my job as a photographer so much! To constantly work with new people and capture life’s most beautiful moments is why I do it! I love to make people feel beautiful and raw while having fun. 

I have had a camera in my hand since I was in elementary school. My deep love for photos comes from my mother. Her extensive collection of photo albums inspired me as a child as we were always admiring the many photos taken throughout our childhood. Let me be a part of your albums, whether they be digital or not! It’s time to capture the most authentic parts of your life! Looking forward to meeting you. 

I would love to work with you, learn from you, or simply chat you! 


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